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Professional Four-Side Saw MSJ3315X50 manufacturers

Professional Four-Side Saw MSJ3315X50 manufacturers

Shangrui Machinery Co., Ltd. Professional Four-Side Saw MSJ3315X50 manufacturers, Professional production of a variety of panel and solid wood furniture production equipment, according to the different needs of customers design and production of non-standard machinery.

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1.Shangrui machinery gives you a different working experience.
2.We constantly improve our technology and make our products better so that you can use better machines.
3.For you to play in the professional panel furniture.
4.Our machines can make cabinets, desks, wardrobes, dining tables for you. As long as you have needs, we have professional engineers to solve them for you.

Note: the machine adopts one-button operation mode, NC servo drive, central positioning, and four-side cutting. It is suitable for the processing and production of aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum plates, PVC plates, wooden doors, and other wood plates of different specifications. It is efficient, fast, and labor-saving. It can process 900-1500 general plates every day.

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Touch screen + PLC control + servo drive

Sawing part

The sawing adopts a high-speed motor, and the incision is smooth without burr

Feeding part

Three groups of synchronous belts feed automatically, stable and high

Positioning part

Pneumatic center positioning mode, large processing range

Width adjusting part

Servo drive with precision guide rail, accurate and efficient width adjustment

Dust collection part

Up and down at the same time dust collection, automatic dust blowing device to ensure that the processing environment is clean

 Pressing part

Multiple groups of pneumatic pressing can adjust the pressing position according to the size of the plate to ensure the stability of product processing

Control panel

Manual and automatic switching is convenient. The processing menu can save up to ten groups. One key switching can automatically adjust to the set processing size.

Maximum Processing Size3300 X 1500 Mm
Minimum Processing Size1800X 900 Mm
Maximum Processing Thickness50 Mm
Main Saw Blade Motor Power7.5KW X4 Sets
Speed of Each Main Saw Blade6000r/Min
Main Saw Blade Specification305X30X3.0X100T
Vertical and Horizontal Saw Feeding Traction Motor Power0.75KW X3 Sets
Vertical and Horizontal Saw CNC Servo Motor Power0.75KWX4 Sets
Feeding Speed (Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation)0-30m/Min
Feeding and Discharging Motor Power (Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation)0.37KW X3 Units
Total Power35.25KW
Air Source Pressure0.8Mpa
Dimensions6190X3500X2100 Mm

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