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MSJ3315*50 Four side saw

MSJ3315*50 Four side saw

The one-button operation mode of the machine, CNC servo drive, center positioning, and four-side cutting can be completed at one time. It is suitable for the processing and production of aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum panels, PVC panels, wooden doors and other wooden panels of different specifications. It is efficient and fast, saving labor. Processing 900-1500 sheets of general-purpose plates.

A.control Panel

It is convenient to switch between manual and automatic, and the processing menu can save up to ten groups, switch with one key, and automatically adjust to the set processing size

Manual and automatic switching is convenient the processing menu can be saved up to10 key swiiiching. automatic adustment to the set processing size

B. Sawing part

Sawing adopts high-speed motor, the cut is smooth and burr-free

Saw cutting using high speed motor, smooth cut without burt

C. Positioning part

Pneumatic centering positioning method, large processing range

Pneumatic center positioning mode, large processing range

D. Feeding part

Three sets of synchronous belt automatic feeding, stable and efficient

Three groups of synchronous beit automatic feedina stable and efficient

E. Vacuum part

Vacuum up and down at the same time, automatic dust blowing device to ensure a clean processing environment

Up and down at the same time vacuum, automatic dust blowing device,ensure the processingenvironment ciean

F. Electronic control part

Touch screen + PLC control + servo drive

Touch screen +PLC control+Servo drive

G. Width adjustment part

Servo drive with precision guide rail, accurate and efficient width adjustment

Servo dnve with precision guide rail accurate and efficient width adjustment

H. Pressing part

Multiple groups of pneumatic pressing materials can adjust the pressing position according to the size of the plate to ensure the stability of product processing

Multiple groups of pneumatic pressing material, according to the size of the plateTo adjust the position of pressing material, to ensure the stability of product processing

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