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Source manufacturer customized 650 tons of hot press

Source manufacturer customized 650 tons of hot press

During the second visit to the factory, Mr. Tao and his technicians determined the pressure of the 650-ton hot press, and the maximum temperature of the press can reach 180 degrees. Since the last trial of 400 tons press in our factory, Mr. Tao is very sure about our machine. But because of the epidemic, he has not had the opportunity to discuss the details of the machine. After this visit, we gave him a warm welcome and showed him the machine parts and machines produced by the factory. From every part to steel plate, the price is clear and physical display is provided. The technicians stayed with him all day to discuss with him and provided him with the most cost-effective option. Even machine color matching, transportation, installation, and unloading also assist in providing a variety of solutions.

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We, Shangrui Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong in 2013 as a sole proprietorship (individual) company as a manufacturer and supplier of woodworking machinery, cold presses, hot presses, multi-blade saws, etc. All the products we offer are manufactured under the guidance of excellent controllers, using the best raw materials and innovative technologies, and strictly in accordance with quality specifications. Furthermore, these products are rigorously checked on several quality parameters before final shipment. Our design and development also focus on releasing new products on a regular basis and keeping up with the technology of the products to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest developments in terms of technology. Our warranty is our commitment to always provide the best service to our customers and therefore strives to offer the longest industry warranty to ensure customers can feel confident in the product they are purchasing as we believe we have the expertise to deliver something to be competitive Offer the best products to our customers at reasonable prices.

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