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Customized multilayer fireproof board hot press machine use for furniture factory

Customized multilayer fireproof board hot press machine use for furniture factory

Suitable for medium or small man-made board furniture factory two processing factories , to the hot pressing adhesive furniture panel , building partition , wooden door ( glue that thinartificial plate and the inner box ) and in a variety of artificial board : such as plywoodboard , MDF , melamine decorative cloth , fireproof board , metal foil , artificial and natural micro thin wood , natural wood mosaic ; also can be used as veneer drying leveling , leveling , color decorative wood setting.

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The configuration and parameters of the main components of the hot press:

working desk size3000*1300*42mm2500*1300*42mm
motorTaiwan goli 5.5kwTaiwan goli 5.5kw
oil pumpTaiwan oil fieldTaiwan oil field
check valveCrg-03-50 Taiwan oil fieldCrg-03-50 Taiwan oil field

Crg-06-05 Taiwan oil fieldCrg-06-05 Taiwan oil field
The electromagnetic valveDsg-02-2bz / 220V Taiwan oil fieldDsg-02-2bz / 220V Taiwan oil field
sequence valveUg-06 Taiwan oil fieldUg-06 Taiwan oil field
Hot plate thickness42mm42mm
platform size3000mm * 1300mm * opening distance 100mm2500mm * 1300mm * opening distance 100mm
cylinder160t / 10 bars: cylinder diameter 90120t / 8 bars: cylinder diameter 90
heating power60 kW48 kW
pump power2.2KW2.2KW
layers3 floors3 floors
working directionPress from bottom to topPress from bottom to top
mesalaying high temperature filmlaying high temperature film


Unconventional regimes are acceptable   

1. Pressure: customizable  

2. Table size: can be customized  

3. Heating power: acceptable variation  

4. Layer distance: can be customized

5. Number of layers: According to customer requirements, one layer, two layers, three layers, ... 10 layers. Due to the limitation of the container, the maximum opening distance of the outlet is 5 floors, and the maximum opening distance of each floor is 100mm.   

Product Usage:

It is suitable for the secondary processing plant of small and medium-sized wood-based panel furniture factories to bond furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors (glue is thin wood-based panels and inner boxes) and various wood-based panels: such as plywood, MDF, melamine decorative cloth , fireproof board, metal foil, artificial and natural fine veneer, natural wood mosaic; it can also be used as veneer dry leveling, leveling, color decorative wood shaping.  

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