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Cold press MH3248X50T(60T)

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Max pressure50T(60T)
Work platen size2500×1250mm
Work effctively1000/1300/1500mm
Motor power4.0kw/5.5kw
Overall dimensions2950×1250×2550mm

1. Tank steel is thickened with the fuselage

The body adopts the thickened steel plate welding molding, the table is processed through the gantry milling processing, the body for anticorrosion and rust removal treatment, the whole body spray anti-rust paint, effective rust prevention, both beautiful and practical.

2. Strict welding technology

Further improve the stability of each connection of the fuselage can effectively ensure the stability of the machine use, improve the service life.

3. Integrated oil cylinder

The machine is an integrated cylinder, to ensure that long time use without oil leakage, to achieve good pressure effect.

4. Whole copper motor

According to the size of the stroke configuration of all copper motor, high power,High efficiency, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the machine

5. Control panel

Button-type operation panel, simple and easy to operate, equipped with digital display timer, scale pressure gauge, display and intuitive aspects of simple and easy to learn, pressing-type emergency stop switch, power off emergency stop, guaranteed


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